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  • 1,3-Naphthalenediol, 7-fluoro-
  • CAS NO:
    white powder
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  • Chinese Name: 7-fluoro-1,3-naphthalene glycol
    Chinese synonym: 7-fluoro-1,3-naphthalene glycol; 7-fluoronaphthalene-1,3-diol
    English Name: 1,3-naphthalenediol, 7-fluoro-
    English synonyms: 1,3-nachemicalbook phthalenediol, 7-fluoro -; 7-fluoronaphthalene-1,3-diol
    CAS No.: 2460027-79-4
    Molecular formula: c10h7fo2
    Molecular weight: 178.16
    Application: 7-fluoro-1,3-naphthalene glycol can be used as organic synthesis intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate for laboratory R & D process and pharmaceutical chemical synthesis.
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