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Shanghai hohance chemical and clinical phase 2 new drug customization

2020-10-10 17:12:22 216

Spur with long accumulation. At present, Hohance / Looshine CDMO R&D team has rich experience in API process research and production in all clinical stages of innovative drugs, and can provide customers with high-quality coverage of innovative drug process design and optimization, clinical API research, clinical API and commercial raw materials Pharmaceutical (MAH) commissioned production of one-stop R&D and production services.


From the perspective of drug production chain, pharmaceutical enterprises can choose to outsource clinical small batch production, API production and final product production. It is estimated that the overall market size of CMO / CDMO in China will exceed 60 billion yuan in 2021.


From the historical point of view, domestic new drug research and development has experienced the development process from imitation to innovation. Looking back on the history, China's pharmaceutical industry started from generic drugs. With the changes of policies and times, China's pharmaceutical industry has gradually evolved from brand generic drugs to innovative drugs. Strictly speaking, for a long time, China's domestic innovative drugs are almost blank, but the pharmaceutical industry in China has been striving for innovation for a long time, and has been developing on a weak basis. First in class will become the driving force and competitive focus of pharmaceutical enterprises in China.


The core value of CDMO is to use its own advantages of specialization and scale to help customers save costs, improve efficiency, and fully comply with regulations in different stages of R&D and production


(1) Cost: according to chemical Weekly's estimation, the production link accounts for about 30% of the total cost of new drug research and development. The production cost is mainly composed of two parts: one is the cost of purchasing production equipment and its construction and maintenance; the other is the cost of labours. Due to the advantages of specialization, CDMO enterprises have various types of production equipment, which can meet the production needs of different entrusted enterprises. Some of the equipment prices are relatively high. It is uneconomical for pharmaceutical enterprises to only use one drug for research and development. Moreover, due to the scale effect, the labour cost of CDMO enterprises is lower.


(2) Success rate and efficiency: due to the different production requirements in each stage of production, it is necessary to improve the production process at each stage. Relying on the technology accumulation of specialized production process, CDMO enterprises can better and faster complete the improvement of production process, so as to improve the success rate and production efficiency of high-tech drug research and development.


(3) Compliance: CDMO enterprises help the entrusted enterprises optimize the production process level, operate and manage the production, so as to make the product quality and environmental protection indicators in the production process meet the regulatory requirements.


Hohance/ Looshine has the ability and confidence to provide pharmaceutical customers with more effective solutions in the field of technology, so as to establish the deep binding from D (process development) to M (production), and become the leader in the subdivision field.

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