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The CDMO of Hohance

2020-11-10 17:15:04 199

Shanghai Hohance / Looshine (Shanghai) pharmaceutical technology is a CDMO company (mainly clinical phase II new drug CDMO) providing excellent services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Based on the professional team and good service platform, we focus on the pilot production, commercial production and process optimization of clinical phase I, II and III of small molecule innovative drugs, especially the custom synthesis of new drugs in clinical phase II.

CDMO is the upgrade of CMO, which is called contract development manufacturing organization. In addition to the single production service of traditional CMO for pharmaceutical enterprises, CDMO enterprises use their accumulated high value-added R & D and industrial application to help pharmaceutical enterprises improve production process and synthesis efficiency, so as to reduce drug manufacturing costs. The content of CDMO

covers the process development, production and packaging services of intermediates, API and preparations, spanning different stages of R & D, and the order size also shows an obvious trend of enlargement with the progress of the project.

Innovative drugs generally go through different life cycles, such as preclinical research, clinical trial application, phase I clinical trial, phase II clinical trial, phase III clinical trial, new drug application, patent drug sales, generic drug sales and so on. Shanghai Hohance Chemical Co., Ltd. and its R & D center Looshine (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., as a leader in the field of CDMO in China, mainly provides customized research and development services for innovative drugs in clinical stage, cost optimization of blockbuster drugs commercialization and technology development.
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