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Current market situation of OLED products and their intermediates

2021-3-30 17:48:23 409

OLED organic materials are located in the upstream of OLED industry chain, and the profit margin is relatively weak compared with downstream products. If we can improve the upstream capacity of OLED materials in China, it will greatly reduce the cost of supply chain. In the production process of OLED organic materials, firstly, OLED intermediates are synthesized from chemical raw materials, and the pre sublimation materials (crude monomers) are synthesized from the intermediates, and then sublimated and purified to form OLED monomers (hole injection layer materials, hole transport layer materials, light-emitting layer materials, electron transport layer materials, electron injection layer materials). OLED monomer materials can be directly applied to the production of OLED panels, mainly supplied to the panel manufacturers located in the middle reaches of the OLED industry chain.

In China, OLED organic materials are mainly distributed in intermediates and crude monomers, and the output of monomer materials is limited

At present, China is the world's leading manufacturer of OLED intermediates and crude monomers. From the perspective of industrial chain, most of the OLED intermediates and crude monomers supplied by China's OLED organic materials manufacturing enterprises are sold to enterprises in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other places. These enterprises further sublimate the OLED monomer materials, and finally the panel manufacturers evaporate the terminal materials onto the substrate to form the OLED material layer. Domestic suppliers of OLED intermediates and crude monomers mainly include Wanrun Co., Ltd., Xi'an Ruilian, Puyang Huicheng, Beijing agraea, Jilin aolaide, etc. Limited by technical factors such as patent rights, there are few enterprises producing OLED monomer materials.

Performance of key OLED organic materials enterprises in China from the perspective of R & D and assets

Among China's OLED organic material enterprises, Wanrun, Puyang Huicheng and Xi'an Ruilian have achieved mass production and entered the global OLED material supply chain. The main industry barrier of OLED intermediates and crude monomers is the recognition of downstream manufacturers. These enterprises that have entered the OLED supply chain will benefit from the rapid growth of OLED demand. From the perspective of R & D investment and innovation ability, Puyang Huicheng's R & D strength and innovation ability ranked first, followed by Wanrun. Compared with the same industry, the R & D and innovation ability of Ruilian new materials still need to be improved.

Among them, Shanghai haohang Chemical Co., Ltd. has a small company system, but its own R & D capacity is still worth looking forward to. The existing R & D products of the company, such as 2,5-dihydroxybenzaldehyde(CAS:1194-98-5) and 4-bromo-1-naphthylamine(CAS:2298-07-9), are worth mentioning in terms of price, quality and supply stability.

The demand of downstream OLED products is large, and the scale of global OLED organic material market is rising

In addition to smart phones and TVs, OLED screens will have great development potential in emerging AR / VR devices, vehicle display and other fields. According to the forecast, the market scale of OLED organic materials will exceed US $3 billion in 2021, and the growth rate of products applied in TV and vehicle display will be improved.

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