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Hohance CDMO for Halomine Inc

2021-11-9 10:30:31 179

Halomine Inc. is a Cornell University-based company founded in 2018 to develop a suite of innovative, long lasting antimicrobial products based on the use of N-Halomine technology licensed from Cornell University and Auburn University.

Hohance Ltd cooperates with Halomine Inc for a suite of innovative, long lasting antimicrobial products. Hohance provides CDMO technical support and services for Halomine company.

Our first product, HaloFilm, a chlorine extender, offers residual disinfection efficacy for up to 30 days when used in combination with a weekly application of a chlorine-based disinfectant, without the requirements for a major change in cleaning routines. This enables residual disinfection claims against bacteria and viruses on a wide range of surfaces. While commonly used chlorine-based disinfectants are highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces, they do not protect surfaces after the initial disinfection, leaving surfaces susceptible to nearly immediate recontamination, and provides long lasting protection against viruses, bacteria, and molds in hospitals, schools, offices, mass transit, food processing,

and more; wherever pathogens spread and endanger human health.

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