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Opportunities and Challenges in OLED Lighting Market

2018-5-22 10:00:48 2103

Competition between OLED and LED technology has made LED manufacturers pay more attention to OLED over the past 10 years. The high costs of OLED technology make it very difficult to raise the penetration rate of OLED products, but with the efforts of major manufacturers such as OSRAM and LG, as well as Chinese manufacturers' large sum of investment in OLED display sector, OLED lighting is growing rapidly thanks to the R&D experience and manufacturing equipment from the display industry. Coupled with the public’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers now have higher aesthetic requirements of lighting that combines life and art, so white OLED lighting is likely to become the star of next generation lighting.

Currently, automotive lighting is reported to be the most promising and most mature application market for OLED lighting. In fact, with the latest integration of LED technology, lighting has become a significant feature of cars with potential value rather than a basic function of vehicles, and OLEDs have the real potential to differentiate themselves from LEDs and can provide new added values. The BMW M4 GTS, introduced in 2016, is the first commercial vehicle to incorporate OLED technology in taillights.

Apart from automotive market, OLED lighting manufacturers have also aggressively explored the sectors of traditional lighting such as commercial lighting and workplace lighting. In addition, OLED technology must also combine several niche markets, including medical lighting and embedded lighting, in order to realize economies of scale and to reduce costs.

According to LEDinside, the size of global OLED lighting panel market has reached about US$153 million in 2017. China’s OLED display industry is estimated to see production capacity expansion in 2018, substantially improving the yield rate in OLED industry and lowering the costs. OLED lighting will also have chance to improve the performance-cost ratio due to the entire market’s status quo. Hence, the size of OLED lighting market is expected to reach more than 1.1 billion by 2020.

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